Where is it?

The power plant has been developed near Fossalta di Portogruaro,
Eastern Veneto, in the village of Villanova Santa Margherita, within the Zignago Group’s industrial area.


The internal combustion thermal power plant of Fossalta di Portogruaro has a thermal capacity of 49.2 MWt for a gross electricity production of about 17 MWe.


Where is it?

The power plant is located in the Polisano municipality of Bagnolo di Po, in the province of Rovigo.


Bagnolo Power Plant has a thermal capacity of 15.08 MWt for a production of gross electricity of about 4 MWe.


The plant uses only pure, uncontaminated vegetation crops. In particular and with reference to
Annex X Part V of D. Decree 152/2006, this material comes only from:

  • dedicated crops;
  • solely mechanically processed non-dedicated agricultural crops;
  • forestry: forest maintenance and pruning;
  • mechanical processing of virgin wood, consisting of bark, sawdust, shavings, chips, edgings and wood logs, pellets and pure wood waste, logs, uncontaminated bypollutants;
  • mechanical processing of agricultural products.



Zignago Power employs pristine biomass, from forestry and agro-forestry, from dedicated energy crops and waste recovery plants. The goal is to source the raw material according to the logistics of a short supply chain.

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